Monday Photos

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It rained most of the day today and I didn’t go out in the yard for photos. I’m continuing to feel somewhat better than I did over the weekend, but still not great, so it was just as well that I stayed inside. From the front window I saw this wet mockingbird sitting on a wire.


I haven’t had any doll photos in awhile. Here is my newest boy, an 18 inch My Twinn doll. My Twinn made larger 23 inch dolls for years, and I have many of them in my collection. Recently they started producing a smaller doll using scaled-down versions of many of their face molds for the big dolls. I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of a smaller doll, especially since it didn’t have an armature that allowed the doll to pose in many positions like the 23 inch dolls. But during a sale on 18 inch dolls last month this red-headed little boy caught my eye and I bought him. He turned out to be much nicer than I expected and I really do like him very much. He has a smaller version of the Catherine face mold with red hair and brown eyes, and I added some freckles. I liked him so much that I got a couple more of these 18 inch dolls during another sale this month. They should be arriving on Wednesday and I hope I like them as much as I like this boy! In this photo the lighting makes his hair color look like a brighter, more carrot-red shade than it actually is–it’s really a more subdued medium red.


Twinn Boy for Saturday

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One of my My Twinn boys is featured today. This boy has the discontinued Whitney face mold. He is an all-Denver doll, made when My Twinn was located in Denver and producing some of their best quality dolls. He came to me as a girl but I felt this face mold looked more like a boy, so I painted freckles and gave him this light red wig. He has very fair 01 skin color and nice Denver blue eyes.  I think his glasses suit him.

Whitney20140412_10 Whitney20140412_16

Twinn Girl on Tuesday


A long, chilly, damp day today, and just one indoor photo with no flash and custom white balance. Here’s another My Twinn doll with yet another Asian face mold–My Twinn has had seven different Asian faces if I’m remembering correctly. This little girl has the Tamsen face, and she was one of my first few Twinn dolls and my first Asian Twinn. I happened to spot her in an upload of assorted dolls on the My Twinn website, and I ordered quickly enough to get her. She’s an all-Denver girl with fair skin, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes.


Twinn Boy on Wednesday

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Another long day at work so just one indoor photo tonight. I’ve posted a few of my Asian My Twinn dolls recently, and here’s another one. This boy has the Pearl face mold, with tan skin, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. He is one of my few Twinns with head and body both made in the Virginia era of the My Twinn company. I prefer the quality of the older Denver era dolls, but this boy’s vinyl is very nice. I removed the eyes he came with and gave him some better quality eyes that are comparable to Denver eyes, and I also replaced his wig. I was surprised at how well he turned out! I used a custom white balance and no flash for the photo.


Another Twinn on Wednesday

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There’s no school tomorrow in our district due to weather–we’re expecting freezing temperatures mixed with rain tonight and tomorrow morning, and after seeing the problems going on elsewhere in the south with the weather, the superintendent decided to call off school. It’s wet and cold outside so we have another Twinn featured today.

This little boy has a variant of the Ariel face mold. There are a few variants of this mold, each a little different from the others, and collectors have had many discussions on telling them apart and what to call each variant. He has platinum blond hair and very light blue eyes. I never especially liked this eye color in other Twinns, but this boy’s pale blue eyes seem to suit him.



My Twinn Doll on Tuesday


A cold rainy day, so I opted to stay inside when I got home from work and took photos of one of my My Twinn dolls. Like all Twinns, this girl is 23 inches tall with vinyl head, arms, and legs, with a cloth stuffed body with an armature. She has the Micale face mold, one of several Asian face molds that were produced. She is from the Denver era of the My Twinn company with nice quality vinyl and a long silky dark brown wig. She has light brown eyes. I think I’d prefer dark brown eyes, but eye changes are notoriously difficult on a Micale because of the comparatively small eye openings, so I’ve just left her the way she came.




My Twinn Doll on Tuesday

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Everyone knows what Open House at school is–the evening early in the school year when parents can visit the school, meet their child’s teacher(s), and hear about class curriculum, plans for the year, etc. We had that at our school back in August soon after school started. Well, today we had something new at our school–Winter Open House. Since it’s a new semester and there are schedule and class changes, they decided to hold a second Open House. So it was a very long day and I was very late getting home tonight.

I took a couple of photos of one of my My Twinn dolls. These are 23 inch dolls with vinyl head, arms, and legs on a stuffed cloth body with an armature, making them easy to pose and able to stand by themselves. This boy has one of the My Twinn Asian face molds, Kim, and he is an all-Denver doll–made back in the early days when the My Twinn company was located in Denver and the nicest dolls were being produced. He was originally a girl, but I changed his wig and turned him into a little boy. He has very fair skin, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. He’s wearing a pair of wire-rimmed glasses that I really like on him. I like his navy blue sweater trimmed in green too.



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