First, here’s my new Masterpiece doll. Jayden is a vinyl doll sculpted by German doll artist Monika Levenig. He has blond hair and side-glancing blue eyes, and is jointed at his neck, shoulders, and hips.

He is 29 inches tall, the size of a real 1-year-old, and he’s a perfect baby brother to my little group of Masterpiece dolls. Real baby clothes fit him nicely. I just had time to get Jayden outside for a few photos today, but I’ll try to take some of him with the others over the weekend if the weather cooperates.

A few anoles for today too, of course. This is a baby brown anole in one of the lantana plants. I tried to attract the adult female anole by stirring up some moths, but she didn’t appear.

A young brown anole.

This one is my favorite of today. I love the sideways glance this young brown anole is giving me, and I also like the rusty colors in the photo.