A set of miscellaneous photos today. This is one of the wild red trumpet flowers that sometimes grow on the fence.

A branch of the big pine tree against the blue sky. I had the 70-300mm zoom on the camera for awhile today and took this photo with it.

The big red-headed male brown anole from yesterday was back on the fence today, flashing his dewlap at me. He is still very leery of me and darted away when I tried to move closer.

And a female brown anole hunting on the same fence. She’s not the same one that caught the moth yesterday.

A Red and Black Mason Wasp in the basil flowers.

Also in the basil plant today was a green anole. Here it is on the screen by the plant.

Another red-headed brown anole posing on a fence.

This brown anole was climbing on the fence this afternoon.

A Green Tree Frog in the boxwood bushes.

And last is a photo of two of my big life-size Masterpiece dolls: Jayden, the newest one, 29 inches tall and the size of a 1-year-old; and Ethan, my first Masterpiece doll, 40 inches tall and the size of a 4-year-old.