The Homecoming Carnival was tonight at the high school where I teach. It rained, but not quite enough to get them to call off the carnival. Our Best Buddies club had a booth, so I was obligated to be there in the rain. I finally got home around 7:30, tired and damp, and I took just one indoor photo tonight.

This is one of my My Twinn boy dolls. My Twinn dolls are 23 inches tall, with a vinyl head, lower arms, and lower legs, and a stuffed cloth body with an armature that makes them very poseable.  There are many different face molds, hair and eye colors, and skin colors, so no two dolls are exactly alike. This boy has the Tasha face mold, an African-American face with a slight smile. He has dark skin, curly black hair,  and dark brown eyes. His eyebrows are very nicely painted. He’s always been one of my favorite boys.

I have had many comments on this doll over the 4 years since I originally posted his picture. Many people have asked to buy him (and no, sorry, he’s still not for sale) and many other people have asked how to buy a doll like him. I am going to update and summarize my responses to all the comments and interest shown in this little boy doll. I’m also removing some old comments and responses that are now out of date and no longer accurate.

Since I first wrote this post in 2012, the My Twinn doll company has closed and these dolls are no longer being produced. This doll company never did mass produce dolls–they assembled them individually, choosing skin color, hair color and style, eye color, details such as freckles, etc. for each doll. They were not sold in stores and had to be ordered from the company.

However, there are still plenty of My Twinn dolls for sale on ebay. Many people collect these dolls and often have them for sale on ebay. When looking for a doll, keep in mind that two things can’t be changed–face mold and skin color–so look for a face and skin color you like. Wigs are just glued on so they can be removed and replaced. Eyes can also be changed.

My other suggestion for finding a My Twinn doll is Facebook. There is a My Twinn Buy and Sell group where people can buy and sell these dolls. People can post that they are looking for a doll, for example a black little boy, and other people will respond with photos and descriptions of dolls they have for sale.