I’ve been seeing newly hatched brown anoles often over the past week or two. Today I saw another really tiny one and didn’t have the camera with me, so I scooped it up gently in a container before I went to get the camera. I’m always fascinated by the size of baby anoles but it’s hard to realize how small they really are without some familiar object as reference. Coins work well, so I brought out some change along with the camera. I put a few coins and the baby anole into a shallow glass container and took some photos.

The baby anole was very cooperative about walking around the container and pausing near or on coins. Here’s the anole next to a penny. The penny measures 3/4 of an inch, so the little anole would be a just a bit over 1 1/2 inches long.


Looking at the photo above, I kept wishing the anole had been on top of the penny. With a little photo editing, I copied and pasted the anole onto the penny. It’s easy to see now that its body is almost exactly 3/4 of an inch long from nose to the beginning of the tail. Amazing that it can be so very tiny.


Here’s the baby anole next to a dime.


The little anole with its front feet up on a dime, which looks like a big step up for the tiny lizard!


Posing on top of a dime.


The little anole sitting on a penny at the side of the container. Its reflection can be seen in the glass.


Baby anole and its reflection.


The photo session took about ten minutes. Then I returned the baby anole to the spot where I found it, and it scampered off into the grass. I saw it later in the day climbing on a brick in the same area. I’ll keep an eye out for this little one and see if it stays around.