The same baby anole I saw on the tomato pot yesterday was back there again today. Here it is on the tomato cage.


A closer look at the little anole. This is a very tiny, very young anole, about the same size as the one I photographed a few days ago climbing up onto a dime.


There is an adult female brown anole living in the tomato pot and an older juvenile who’s been hanging around there too. The bigger juvenile suddenly rushed at the little one, chasing it up into the tomato plant. Then the bigger one lost interest and wandered off, while the tiny anole peered down below, looking for the other anole.


Over on the palm tree I came across a cicada shell.


A head-on view of the cicada shell.


Last for today is this female anole, one I’ve known for almost a year now. She’s the one with the heart shape on her back.