For some reason yesterday evening felt like Thursday to me, so I made a mistake in the title of yesterday’s post. I called it Thursday when it was actually Wednesday. (I’ve fixed that.) So today is the actual Thursday post!

I walked around the palm trees this afternoon and saw a male brown anole near the base of the tree.


He saw me too, and bobbed his head and displayed his dewlap.


There are usually lots more brown anoles around than green anoles, so I always especially notice the green anoles. This big male green anole was also near the base of the palm tree. He had some scars on his head and has apparently survived some tough times.


He was calm (the green anoles I see are often calmer than brown anoles) and willing to sit still for photos as he moved around the base of the tree.


He didn’t mind when I moved in closer for a few photos, but after that he’d had enough and ran up the tree.