It rained most of the day today and I didn’t go out in the yard for photos. I’m continuing to feel somewhat better than I did over the weekend, but still not great, so it was just as well that I stayed inside. From the front window I saw this wet mockingbird sitting on a wire.


I haven’t had any doll photos in awhile. Here is my newest boy, an 18 inch My Twinn doll. My Twinn made larger 23 inch dolls for years, and I have many of them in my collection. Recently they started producing a smaller doll using scaled-down versions of many of their face molds for the big dolls. I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of a smaller doll, especially since it didn’t have an armature that allowed the doll to pose in many positions like the 23 inch dolls. But during a sale on 18 inch dolls last month this red-headed little boy caught my eye and I bought him. He turned out to be much nicer than I expected and I really do like him very much. He has a smaller version of the Catherine face mold with red hair and brown eyes, and I added some freckles. I liked him so much that I got a couple more of these 18 inch dolls during another sale this month. They should be arriving on Wednesday and I hope I like them as much as I like this boy! In this photo the lighting makes his hair color look like a brighter, more carrot-red shade than it actually is–it’s really a more subdued medium red.