I checked on the Golden Silk Orb-weaver today and her abdomen is much bigger than it was. The little male spider is still hanging around.


A side view of the spiders.


She may be producing some egg sacs soon.


It’s the time of year for June Bugs, which means June Bugs falling into the swimming pool. I scoop them out with the pool net, and after a minute or two they usually recover and fly off. This June Bug is climbing up from the pool net.


It sat on the frame of the net, drying out.


Then it prepared to take off and fly away–you can see the wings starting to come out. I haven’t yet managed a photo of a June Bug as it flies off, but I’ll keep trying. A bright sunny day with a fast shutter speed would be best for that.


After the June Bugs cleared out a brown anole hopped onto the pool net.


And another brown anole on one of the palm trees. There’s a little motion blur as he starts to flash his dewlap.