I knew the Golden Silk Orb-weaver was gone, but I went to check the web anyway just in case she might have shown up again. She hadn’t returned, and all that’s left is part of the golden web.


A big male brown anole was displaying his dewlap up on the fence near the web. I was always a little concerned that an anole might get caught in the web, but it never happened as far as I could tell.


The big male in charge of the tomato pot area on duty this morning.


Another red star flower (Cypress vine). These pretty little red flowers are about an inch in diameter and grow on a lacy green vine.


Another wildflower.


My most interesting photos today were of a tiny toad. We have baby toads in the yard every now and then, tiny creatures barely a half inch long. They’re so small they’re easy to miss–at first glance I though this one was a spider. I took a few photos of the tiny toad and as I did I noticed something reddish on its head. When I looked at the photos on the camera I could see that the reddish thing was an ant. I couldn’t tell if the ant was biting the toad or if the ant was even still alive, but red ants can often be fire ants here which do have a stinging bite. Naturally I had to scoop up the little toad and pluck the ant off its head, and then the toad hopped off into the grass by the shed.