A Yellow Sulphur butterfly was visiting the bougainvillea flowers this morning.



The anole that lives near the back door surveying the area from the screen.


The anole with the dark red head that lives around the tomato pots caught a big spider today. I saw the anole leap off the pot and run a few feet into the grass. It lunged forward and then turned back toward the pot with a spider in its mouth–a spider at least as big as the anole’s head. The anole carried the spider back to the pot and finished it off.



And then there was a very tiny baby anole on the fence. The body of this little one (nose to beginning of tail) was no more than 3/4 of an inch.


Very young anoles often seem less skittish around people than the older and more cautious anoles. This baby didn’t hesitate to jump onto my thumb when my hand came near the fence. From the markings on her back she’s a female. After a moment of exploration she hopped back to the fence.


Last for today is Sophie sitting by my chair in the backyard.