We had air conditioning problems today that fortunately were resolved quickly with a new part installed by the AC repairman. And after that was over, we had thunderstorms. So today I have just a few mockingbird photos taken before the AC situation came up.

This bird was not very close to the house, and from a distance the gray head looked darker, almost like an Eastern Phoebe. I took a few photos and saw that it was a mockingbird–a bit of a disappointment since there are mockingbirds everywhere, all the time, and I don’t often get to see an Eastern Phoebe.


This young mockingbird with its speckled chest was intently watching the ground down below. The background was dark and the bird was lit up by a little sunlight. I could have brightened this up a little more but I like it as it is.


Here’s the same young mockingbird in brighter, more direct sunlight.