Rain poured down all morning, and finally cleared up in the afternoon. While it rained this morning I was photographing some of my My Twinn dolls indoors. This is one of the 23 inch dolls–she has a cloth body with an armature, and vinyl head, lower arms and lower legs. Her face mold is called Allison and she has a mischievous, impish expression. She has long brown hair, bright green eyes, and freckles.


These dolls stand easily by themselves–the armature in their bodies makes them easy to pose.


Here’s another My Twinn girl, one of the newer 18 inch size dolls. These smaller dolls don’t have an armature–the vinyl head, arms and legs are jointed onto a cloth body. This girl’s face mold is Denika and she has dark brown textured hair, green/brown eyes, and brown skin. She’s a sweet little girl.


I noticed a pair of anoles on the pool steps this afternoon when the sun came out. I took the camera out and saw that the anoles were mating. I took a few photos before they separated and ran off.


Another anole, a female, hiding down in a bougainvillea plant.