Little friend on the screen door as I went outside today.


There was a big male anole on the palm tree, but he scurried away around the tree when I tried to get a photo. Finally I caught him from around the side of the tree.


He knew I was there but didn’t move, even when I got a little closer.


I walked around the tree to stand in front of him, and by this time he didn’t mind having his picture taken.


This anole on the fence is comparatively light-colored all over, with no strong distinct markings. (Compare him to the anole above on the palm tree.)  Summer of last year, 2013, a very assertive light-colored male arrived in the yard and started territorial fights with several other males. This year I’ve seen quite a few light-colored anoles around–probably the descendants of that aggressive guy from last summer.


Fall leaf on the pool steps.


This fall leaf looks like it’s floating in mid-air, but it’s actually still attached to the vine behind it.


Lantana flowers blooming by the fence.