Just a few for today, and two of them are of this pretty female brown anole on the fence in the middle of cypress vines.



Another young anole has lost his tail. This one lost more of his tail than the one I saw the other day, and this one has a couple of dark marks on his face and body that look like injuries. He’s still ready to raise a crest on his neck and back though.


I’ve seen this insect before here and there at the back of the yard, and I finally got a photo clear enough to identify on Bug Guide. This is a Twig Ant, also known as a Mexican Twig Ant or an Elongated Twig Ant. It is about 8 mm long and has a very narrow wasp-like waist. It’s also supposed to have a painful sting, but fortunately I didn’t try to touch it and it didn’t seem interested in attacking me.