There was a dragonfly in the yard today, flying in a pattern from point to point. I stood in the middle of the area where it was flying, and tried to follow the dragonfly with the camera–which wasn’t easy as it zipped around me at varying distances against different backgrounds. But I surprised myself by getting a few good photos of the dragonfly in flight–well, the wings have some motion blur, but the dragonfly’s body looks pretty good. You can even see the legs held back against the body as it flies. I think it’s a male Green Darner–am I right, Mike?



Sun shining on palm fronds blowing in the breeze.


Tiny dinosaur on the tomato pot–a male brown anole displaying, with crests raised on his neck and back and his throat pushed out. He was showing off for someone, but I didn’t another anole nearby.


I walked around the tomato pot for a picture from a different angle and by that time he was calming down a little, the crests going down.


Anole on the screen door, watching the camera.


And Sophie in the yard with a bit of backlighting from the afternoon sun.