When I went outside today I saw a big male brown anole up on top of the post near the tomato pots, bobbing his head and displaying his dewlap. I went over and took a few photos with the sun behind the trees in the background. I didn’t plan or expect the light effect but I like it.


I walked around the post and took a few more with the sun at my back and the anole against the blue sky. You can just see his dewlap retracting.


We have some nice basil growing right now, better than most of what we had earlier in the year.


I heard a mockingbird singing in the palm trees again today and I went looking for him. Here’s a view up through the palm trees.


And this is the mockingbird who’s been hanging out here and singing for the past few days.


Mockingbird on a wire out front. Could be the same one who was singing in the back.