Today’s photos began and ended with birds. I went outside this morning looking for some little warblers I’d glimpsed yesterday morning. I was hoping they’d still be around today, but all I saw was the inevitable mockingbird.


We’re coming to the end of bougainvillea flowers.


An anole on the fence that didn’t mind the camera at all.


There are two little anoles around the tomato pots that each lost part of its tail. I spotted one of them today, and I could see the tail is starting to grow back.


Lulu had to spend much of the day at the vet’s office, having some routine senior citizen lab work done. Sophie missed her terribly. When Lulu got home both girls were very happy to be reunited. In this photo Lulu is looking delighted to be home, and Sophie is carefully inspecting her.


Last photos today are of the little Carolina Wren I’ve been seeing around lately. Around dusk the wren landed on the pool steps and then flew to the fence, and it was still on the fence when I got outside with the camera. Lighting wasn’t great and I couldn’t get close before it flew away, but I did get a couple of pictures from halfway across the yard.