I had a few nice anole photos from this morning of the anoles on the screen door, but I accidentally deleted them. However, I did also photograph a Pine Warbler and the Eastern Phoebe today and I was careful to keep these photos.

Three little Pine Warblers turned up in the backyard today. They must be migrating through our area. I can tell them apart from other warblers I see in our area because the Pine Warblers pump their tails up and down frequently, and they have a patch of bright yellow under their tails.


Little Pine Warbler in the yard.


Pine Warbler looking toward me before the birds flew off.


The Eastern Phoebe appeared on the wire out front again in the late afternoon today. I have a view of the wire through the window over my computer, so I grabbed my camera and shot some photos through the window. The Phoebe was very cooperative about sitting still on the wire while turning to look in different directions.

Phoebe looking to the left.


Phoebe looking to the right. This one is my favorite I think.


Phoebe looking thoughtful.



And Phoebe looking toward me.