No, they weren’t all in my yard today. Last week I went to lunch with some friends at the nearby local community college (the college culinary program has a great restaurant). I noticed lots of birds in and around the ponds at the college, so today I went back with my camera and took some photos.

There were cypress trees hanging over the edge of the pond I visited.


There were lots of White Ibis moving around the edges of the pond.


The birds picked in the grass.


And they waded in the water and picked at things in the water too.



I never knew before today that the White Ibis has really blue eyes.


This is a young ibis, still retaining some brownish feathers on its head.


Ibis in the water.


From there I walked down to where I’d seen two ducks in the water. To my surprise the ducks promptly emerged from the water and approached me.


Then they stood around in front of me, looking like Lulu when she wants a cookie. Apparently people have fed these ducks and now they expect it.



I don’t think these are any specific kind of duck, probably a mix of duck varieties. Both had white around their necks. The bigger one had more dark brown on its head and body.


The smaller one was a lighter brown with more tan.


After a little while the ducks gave up on getting food from me and walked back down to the pond. In the meantime a group of Canada Geese had arrived in the pond.


We had lots of geese at the school where I used to teach–the geese would even sit on the roofs of the buildings now and then. The geese I saw today seemed relatively lively compared to the ones I was used to from school, and I had a chance to get a few action shots. Here’s a goose taking off over the pond.


And a front view of another goose landing.



Goose in the pond.


All in all, a nice photography expedition. I had hoped to see some egrets too, but there weren’t any around today. I’ll have to go back sometime and try again.