Another chilly fall day here today. More fall colors are showing up in the trees.


Green palm fronds waved in the breeze.


There were a few anoles out trying to warm up in the sun. This one didn’t look very happy.


Yesterday I saw a very tiny baby anole by the gate, but I didn’t have the camera with me at the time. Today the same baby was back sitting on the lower rail of the gate and I got a few photos. Then I got a ruler, photographed it against the same section of the gate (the anole was gone by this time) and layered the ruler photo over a photo of the baby anole. This baby is about 2 1/4 inches long from nose to tip of tail, less than an inch from nose to the start of its tail. It’s very small and young, but it seems to be holding its own in the cool weather. The weather here is going to warm up this week which will be good for this little one.


Closer look at the baby anole on the gate.


A bit of Spanish moss on a palm tree.


And Sophie lying in the sun. She was doing a bit better today, limping less, but still not her usual self. She wanted to come outside with me though.