Sophie and I spent most of the morning at the vet’s office where she was examined and had a few tests run. She came home with more medication and with orders from the vet to refrain from vigorous activity for a couple of weeks. That won’t be easy with Sophie, who’s always ready to go!  On the bright side, sociable Sophie loved being at the vet’s office and seeing the vet and the vet techs, no matter what they wanted to do with her. Here’s Sophie after her busy day.


Lulu had to stay home. My husband reported that she howled and cried all morning until Sophie finally came back. Then Lulu went outside and relaxed.


There are still flowers on the tomato plants but I don’t know if these plants are going to make it to the point of producing tomatoes. The cold weather seems to have affected them, but we’ll see what happens.


I saw the baby anole again today, once again on the bottom rail of the gate. He (I think it’s a male) seems to have decided that’s his territory. He appeared to be stalking some tiny flies that were landing on the gate rail.