Sophie and I are still taking many walks around the backyard every day with her on the leash. She’s supposed to be taking it easy on her sore leg for a couple of weeks and without the leash she’d be running everywhere. I don’t mind, but I’ve found I can’t walk Sophie on her leash and use the camera at the same time. So I have to go out by myself with the camera, while Sophie watches sadly from the back door.

Our two screen door anoles are still around, tucking themselves away when it’s cold and appearing on the screen door when it warms up. This one was climbing up onto a sunny spot on a cement block just under the screen door.


In spite of the recent chilly weather, the tomato plants are continuing to bloom and to grow little green tomatoes.


Little wildflower with a tiny ant.


And another little wildflower, this one with a fly. At first I thought it was a bee, but it really seems to be a fly.