The arthritic girls are continuing to improve. I let Sophie come outside without her leash today to walk around with me and the camera, and she was happy to get back to our normal routine. She followed me around and found good places to sniff.


I was happy to see her walking without limping. Tomorrow she goes back to the vet for a recheck and we’ll see what he thinks. Lulu was actually frisky today, bouncing around the living room playing, so she’s doing better too.


The sun was warm today and there were anoles out enjoying it. This pretty girl was in the sun on a fence post.


This is one of the screen door anoles, coming out from his hiding place.


Little tomatoes are continuing to grow. The temperature is supposed to go down close to freezing Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, so I’m planning to cover the plants and hope they come through the cold weather.


Basil flowers blooming.


Flower buds on a vine in the bushes out front. I like the fall flowers so I let the vine grow.


Flower bud about to open.