We didn’t have snow here, but we did have a freeze, which is very unusual for us at this time of year–freezes often don’t occur until January in our area. The worst of the freeze was that we lost the tomato plants, even though I covered the pots last night. The little tomatoes were wrinkled and yellowish when I uncovered the plants this morning.


And the tomato plants themselves were limp, hanging from the tomato cages.


On the bright side, the basil plant did just fine in the utility room, and the herbs did fine covered up. When I took off the cover the sage leaves were frosty, but they warmed up the sunshine during the day.


More of the remaining leaves in the trees were dying, turning yellow and brown and curling up.


But in spite of the freeze, we still have flowers. The little flowers opening on the vine out front are still there and looked unaffected by the weather. They’re in the bushes close to the house which may have given them some protection.


And over on the fence I found flowers blooming that I had never seen before. Whatever they are, the cold didn’t seem to hurt these flowers much either.