I looked out at the herb pot this morning and saw a little brown anole sitting on a sage leaf. This was as close as I could get before she saw me and ran away.


When I walked over there I was surprised to see a green anole–the first green anole I’ve seen in any of the pots. Maybe it was a good place to shelter from the recent cold.


The green anole was calmly climbing around branches on one of the bougainvillea plants–keeping one eye on the camera too.


Green anole posing for me.


A close-up view of the anole’s eye. Green anoles have lovely shades of yellow and blue around their eyes. The blue is fairly light on this anole–sometimes it’s a bright peacock blue.


Honey bee busy on the basil flowers.


And one more anole, another brown one. I saw a little head pop up in the bushes to look around and I took a few photos.