Just one on this rainy Tuesday. It wasn’t good weather for outdoor photography, so I looked around indoors this evening and realized I haven’t photographed my own cloth doll creations.

I designed and sewed my own cloth dolls a few years ago, something I’d like to get back to now that I’m retired and have more free time for things I enjoy. I made dolls representing children–designing my own patterns, sewing, stuffing, painting and drawing faces, attaching hair.

I called these two girls “Best Friends”. An interesting thing about them (to me, anyway) was that I designed them so that they could be posed together or individually. As they stand together the girl on the right has her elbow on her friend’s shoulder, but if she were standing alone she’d look as if she had her arm up to hold onto her hat.

Both were made of heavy twill fabric with wool roving hair and faces done mostly with colored pencil and paint. The taller girl on the left is 20 1/2 inches tall, and the shorter girl on the right is 19 inches tall.