Another mostly sunny and pleasant December day, nice enough for lots of anoles to come out in the sun. I spotted a tiny baby on the fence and wondered again how these very little ones can survive the chilly nights. The body of this anole isn’t much bigger around than the fence wire.


Closer look at the baby anole.


Baby climbing down the fence.


Anole peering over the top of a fence.


And another anole sitting in the sun on the pool steps.


One of the screen door anoles on the screen door. This is the female of the pair, and she likes to get on the inner side of the screen door, between the screen door and the outside face of the sliding glass door. That’s where she is here–I took the photo from inside the house. The bigger male anole prefers the outside of the screen door.


Last for today is Sophie in the yard. Her leg is doing much better lately.