There were lots of birds in the trees in the backyard today, cheeping and flying quickly from branch to branch, mostly too quickly to get photos. But I did get some shots, and the first one is the female (no red on the back of her head) Downy Woodpecker.


Next was this bird up at the top of a tree. When I saw the crest on the head, the black mask edged in white, the red bar on the wing and yellow tip on the tail, I knew it was a Cedar Waxwing.


Cedar Waxwings pass through here as they migrate and often come in flocks, so I looked around for more of them. I couldn’t identify any for sure, but these three crested silhouettes in a tree could be a group of Waxwings. I’ll be watching for more of them.


And then I came upon a Yellow-rumped Warbler in a perfect situation for photography: sitting in the sun on a tree branch, with blue sky and some green leaves and branches behind it. Warblers seem to be constantly moving, darting off before the camera can even focus, but this little bird sat still for a minute or two, long enough to get photos. In this one you can see the patch of yellow on its lower back through its wings that helps give the bird its name.


The warbler turned to look around.


And shifted to look some more.


A side view.