I was out near the local community college today and I stopped there with my camera. I’ve seen lots of birds in and around the ponds on the campus, but today there were just ducks and a few Canadian geese. Before I even got out of my van a big Muscovy duck came waddling up. I think he was hoping I’d brought some food.


He stood near the van and watched me get out, and then followed me everywhere I went. I found that if I walked ahead quickly and then sat down, I had time to get a few photos of him before he caught up with me. Here he is coming after me.


And a nice side view of his head.


I went closer to the pond and took photos of some ducks in the water. I think these are Mottled Ducks.



And when I looked around, there was my buddy trying to catch up with me.


Another duck left the water and approached, giving me a wing flap greeting as it reached me. I would guess this is some sort of hybrid duck. It was very pretty.


Then it stood around waiting–probably for some food. I suspect these ducks are well-fed by the college kids.


This duck had just come out of the water and still had water droplets all over its chest. Here’s a closer look.


And of course the Muscovy duck was still there too.


The two ducks watched me go back to the van, and then wandered back toward the pond as I drove away.