It was sunny and warm enough today for some of the anoles to come out. The male screen door anole was on the edge of the screen, but he dodged away and hid when I tried to take his picture. This male brown anole on the gate was more cooperative. Actually he looked a bit sluggish at first–maybe he hadn’t warmed up enough yet.


After awhile he lifted his head and looked around.


Over on the side of the house I came across a very young male anole on the fence–look how big his head is in relation to his body size. I often wonder how these babies/young juveniles manage to survive the winter.


Back at the gate, the other anole had moved down to the bottom of the gate. There was a little bug on the piece of grass curved over his head–the bug seemed to be watching the anole, but the anole seemed oblivious.


One more of the anole on the gate.


Sophie by my side as usual.


And shadows on a palm frond.