This morning I saw a small bird moving around quickly in some tree branches. I thought first of the usual small bird I see, the Yellow-rumped warbler, but the glimpses I caught of this bird seemed different. It looked very tiny, even smaller than the Yellow-rumped warbler. It paused occasionally in spots where I had a pretty clear shot through the branches and leaves.


The little bird had an olive tone to its coloring, with a white eye ring and distinctive markings on its wings. I checked my bird books and identified it as a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, a bird I’d never seen before. This bird is only about 4 inches long so it really is tiny!


The adult male Ruby-crowned Kinglet has a small crown of red feathers, so this bird is either a female or an immature male.


The squirrels were out chasing each other again. I took some photos of this squirrel pausing for few moments.


I love the way the squirrel is sitting here, gripping the branch with its hind feet and its front paws held up to its chest.


Squirrel looking concerned–this was just before it left to rejoin the other squirrels.


This afternoon was sunny and warm enough for some anoles to come out. This one was on the pool steps.


And this young anole was near the gate.


Anole up on the fence.