The rain was gone and we had a sunny day today. It was cool though, so I was surprised to see a couple of anoles out in the sunshine. This is one of our back screen door anoles from last summer, still around and coming out when the weather is nice. He was sitting on a block near the back door in the sunshine. This photo was taken through the sliding glass door.


When I opened the door he turned around so he could keep an eye on me, but he didn’t run away. After all this time he’s pretty used to the door opening and closing, and people and dogs going in and out.


Over in one of the tomato pots I came across this anole. It seemed pretty lethargic, maybe due to the cool weather in spite of the sun. It did finally move a little, and I hope it’s going to be all right.


Flowers blooming on a tree in the back. There are already some bees buzzing around the tree.