So we had our freeze, but the sun warmed things up as the day went along. There were birds around today–the cardinals of course, though I didn’t get any photos of them, and several others like this Eastern Phoebe.


Yellow-rumped warbler up in a tree.


Mockingbird posing at the top of a tree.


In spite of the freeze last night the screen door anole was back out in the sun today. He seemed concerned by my Adirondack chair, which I’d moved up near the back door. He stared at the chair a lot and even flashed his dewlap toward it. I couldn’t see any other anoles anywhere around that he might have been displaying for, so maybe it really was the chair! By the way, I’ve been calling this anole “he” because it seems to have the typical male chevron pattern on its back–the pattern is light, but it’s there. However that’s a pretty small dewlap it’s showing off, so maybe it could be a female.