I saw about a half dozen Cedar Waxwings around today. Some years I see flocks of them passing through, but this year it was only a few. Here are two of them in a neighbor’s tree.


Near the Cedar Waxwings I spotted a little Downy Woodpecker in the big pine tree. This woodpecker is only about 6 inches long, not much bigger than a sparrow. The red on the bird’s head indicates that it’s a male.


While he was busy, another Downy Woodpecker showed up.


This one was a female–no red on her head–and may have been his mate. She quickly moved over to the branch where he was at work and sat watching him for a few minutes.


She flew away and he went on pecking.


I got a shot of a Carolina Wren today also, a pretty little bird that I enjoy seeing. This was probably my favorite photo today.


It was warm and sunny, so there were anoles to be seen. The only one I photographed today is the same green anole I saw on the fence the other day. Although it’s called a green anole, it can change colors from green to brown, and at this point the anole was brown.


We have some small wild blackberry plants flowering by the back fence. I’m planning to dig these prickly plants up soon, but I took some photos of the flowers today. They have flowers with five petals, white with just a hint of pink.


Another blackberry flower.


Blackberry bud just starting to open, with a pink tinged petal poking out.