Rainy and chilly today, not a good day to be outside. There were a few birds around. This mockingbird stayed at its post at the very top of a tree, keeping an eye on the yard in spite of the weather.


A group of birds in silhouette on this tree–looks like European starlings and a flying mockingbird or two.


It’s been awhile since I featured one of my My Twinn dolls, so today I got out one of my boys for some photos. This is a 23 inch doll with vinyl head, lower arms, and lower legs, and a stuffed cloth body with an armature that lets him stand by himself and hold poses in many positions. He has the Allison face mold, which has a smile, and he has blue eyes, light red hair, and very fair skin. He’s a Denver doll–made when the My Twinn company was located in Denver and producing its best quality dolls.


He came to me as a girl doll, and I turned him into a boy with a new wig. I wanted him to be a freckle-faced red-head so I carefully painted freckles on his face. When I finished with that, I thought that a boy with that many freckles on his face would surely have freckles on his arms and legs too–so I painted more freckles! I tried to keep the distribution of freckles looking natural–none on the palms of his hands or soles of his feet, for example. He was quite a project but I love how he turned out. He’s one of my favorite Twinns.