The post by the tomato pots is a favorite spot for mockingbirds to perch. I took several photos of a mockingbird there today, and I moved around to get different backgrounds behind the bird. The red in the background here is bottlebrush flowers.


Green branches and blue sky in the background here. I like the tilt to the mockingbird’s head.


The mockingbird didn’t seem bothered by me and the camera–they tend to be bold birds–so I walked up closer and took this shot of the bird against the sky (and one distant branch).


I noticed today that our sage plants in the herb pot have buds and flowers.


Sage flower in pretty shades of purple.


One more sage flower.


Lulu and Sophie relaxing outside together today.


And one anole. This is the anole from the tomato pots that lost a piece of its tail during the winter. Its tail is regenerating now, and the new, growing part is a plain dark color without the markings of the original tail. It looks like it has a little curl to it too.