There were lots of anoles around today. The first one I saw was a big male on the gate, bobbing his head and displaying his dewlap. He was putting on enough of a show that he caught the attention of another male anole on the post by the tomato pots. The second anole leaped off the post and was trekking across about 10 feet of the yard toward the gate. I walked toward the anoles with the camera, which unfortunately scared them both away from any interaction. The second anole retreated to the pole where I did get a few photos of him. He has a nice orange/red color on the top of his head.


He climbed to the top of the pole and gazed up at the sky.


Over on the pool steps this little female posed for me.


I saw two of the males that have been competing for this territory, but both of them are still skittish about the camera. This was the best shot of one of them as he looked around a corner toward me.


Here’s the other big guy I saw–he’s starting to look a little more relaxed about having his picture taken.