Mourning dove on a wire out front this overcast morning. The blue ring around the eye really stands out.


And a pair of mourning doves this afternoon out back. They look as if they’ve argued and are upset with each other–of course it’s just the way they happened to be sitting in the tree.


I saw several anoles today. Here’s one of the screen door anoles.


A pretty female anole climbing on the fence.


And another female sitting on a tomato pot.


Skinny young anole with a bit of red on its head sitting on the chair arm.


Closer shot of the young anole.


Here are a pair of anoles, taken through the sliding glass door–would have been better from outside, but I didn’t want to try to open the door. The bigger, darker anole is a male, and he’d spent some time doing push-ups and flashing his dewlap while the smaller anole, which I think is a female, watched from a foot or so away. I thought the big male would approach the other anole, but he didn’t move from his spot, and finally the smaller anole climbed up next to him. They just sat there together for awhile looking out into the yard. The smaller, probably female anole happened to look over and see the camera through the door, and both anoles ran off in opposite directions.