Dragonflies were back in our yard today for the first time since last fall. Most of them didn’t stop long enough for a photo, but I did catch this very blue dragonfly pausing on a patch of dollarweed. Even its wings had a blue tinge.


Bumblebee covered with pollen.


Caterpillar on the fence. When I see one of these I usually see more in the same area, but this one seemed to be on its own.


Big male anole on the gate, with a crest raised on his neck. He had his eye on a smaller anole that ran away.


One of the big guys from the pool steps holding still for a photo.


Over on one of the palm trees I came across this anole. He had a lot of orange specks and spots on him.


Last anole of the day was a big male green anole. He chased a male brown anole off the fence, both of them puffed up and displaying. After the brown anole was gone the green anole sat quietly for a minute.


He had a nick in his skin by his eye and what looked like blood on his front foot–they may have had quite a battle.