Screen door anole–I love seeing that little face pop up to look at me.


Anole on a palm tree.


This is one of the big male anoles on the pool steps. He was doing pushups and displaying his dewlap, but stopped when I came closer. The bit of dewlap was the best I could get in a photo. At least he didn’t immediately run away.


Wildflower. These are small flowers, maybe 5/8 of an inch in diameter, and the narrow petals really do have a pale pinkish-purple color. There’s a little bug, maybe a spider, at the top of the flower.


Parsley seedlings are continuing to grow.


I finally have plants for this spring–two kinds of tomato plants on the ends of this row, with basil and dill in the middle. They’ll all be transplanted into pots soon. The tomato plants this year are patio/container tomatoes that only grow about 2 feet tall, which will be easier to deal with. For the past few years we’ve had Sweet 100s, delicious sweet cherry tomatoes, but the plants grew taller than I am! We’ll see how we like these tomatoes.


Dill is feathery and pretty and smells nice too.


Mockingbird sitting on the post.


This is a bad photo, taken through the window at a really long distance, but I can tell I was right about this bird. The Swallow-tailed kites are back! The black and white coloring and the distinctive forked tail are all clear. This kite is carrying something, probably some prey, but I can’t even guess what the prey might be.