Started off with this big male anole sitting on the bird bath base.


This anole was on the rail of the pool steps, looking down below.


Close-up of a female brown anole on the fence.


We have quite a few cardinals around our yard–not nearly as many cardinals as mockingbirds, which are everywhere, but I still see at least one or two cardinals every day. This one surprised me by perching on a wire out front–the cardinals generally prefer the backyard.


Cardinal leaning forward for a look at the camera.


I haven’t done much doll photography for awhile, so today I took some photos of one of my small dolls by doll artist Helen Kish. This little vinyl and plastic doll is only 7 1/2 inches tall. She has joints at her knees and elbows as well as hips, shoulders, and neck. Her head can tilt as well as turn. She has dark brown mohair hair in braids and painted gray-blue eyes.


Her name is Little Red Cap, and she came with an elaborate original outfit which is currently packed away in her box. She’s currently wearing play clothes from another small doll–a pink knit shirt, jeans with leopard trim, and pink shoes. She’s posing here with her hands behind her back.


She’s a very sweet little girl.


One more of Little Red Cap. I think I’m going to put her back in her original outfit and take more photos.