The big male anoles on the pool steps are always swaggering around showing off, but they still mostly run out of sight if I come close with the camera. One of them is getting a little more comfortable and I actually got a shot of a dewlap display today.


Same anole a little later.


Back door anole. This one doesn’t mind the door opening and closing, with me and the camera and the dogs going in and out. The anole just sits there watching what’s going on.


This afternoon I found this small white object (about 3/8 inch long) in the spot shown above, where that anole likes to sit. It looks to me like an anole egg, collapsed in on itself. Anoles lay their eggs in soil, leaf litter, etc., not out in the open like this, and the eggs maintain their egg shape until the baby hatches. I don’t know what happened with this egg.


The other day I posted a few photos of one of my small dolls, Little Red Cap by doll artist Helen Kish, a 7 1/2 inch jointed vinyl and plastic doll. I decided to change her back into her original outfit–I found I’d forgotten all the details and accessories she came with! Red Cap has a long-sleeved white underdress, a flowered pinafore with an embroidered bodice, pantaloons, socks, red boots, and a red felt hat. She carries a bag on her back with straps over her shoulders. In the bag is a miniature topsy-turvy doll, a double-ended doll with two heads–one head showing at a time, with the skirt covering the other end of the doll. This doll’s two heads are a wolf and a grandmother from the Red Riding Hood fairy tale. Here’s Little Red Cap with her bag and doll, with the wolf head showing.


A closer look at Red Cap and the wolf.


Red Cap showing the wolf side of her doll.


And when the wolf doll is turned upside down and the skirt flipped down, you can see the grandmother side of the doll.


One more of Little Red Cap.