More grackles around the yard this afternoon. In this photo you can see the iridescent colors in its feathers–purple, blue, and green.


Another grackle on a wire, puffing itself up. I’ve seen male grackles do this in an attempt to either impress or intimidate females.


A plump-looking mockingbird here. I wondered if it was a female preparing to lay eggs.


Mockingbird in an odd position, squatting down low with its head extended.


One more of the mockingbird.


After today’s doctor appointment I transplanted one of the new tomato plants into one of the big pots. None of the tomato pot anoles were around while I was working on cleaning out the pot–I was watching for them, not wanting any of them to get hurt. But after I finished, as I looked across the yard at the tomato plant in the pot, I saw this little red/orange head sticking up. It was the male anole who’s been hanging around the tomato pots and the pole beside the pots, and he wasn’t looking happy about this disruption to his territory.