A very tiny new tomato forming on one of our new plants. This is a patio tomato plant, made for growing in a pot, and the plant shouldn’t get as huge as the Sweet 100’s plants do.


A grackle strutting around the yard, taken through the back door. The bird seems to have caught something.


A closer look at a somewhat fuzzy photo–that could be an anole tail. An anole’s tail can break off and continue to move, distracting a predator and allowing the anole to escape. The anole’s tail can then regenerate, as I’ve shown in other photos.


Here’s another view of the grackle. It does look like an anole tail.


I’ll have to be on the lookout for an anole in that area of the yard that’s recently lost its tail.


Last photo for today is Sophie looking very happy. She’s 8 years old now and getting more gray hairs on her face.