Lulu following a trail with her expert basset hound tracking skills.


And Sophie posing in the grass.


Brown anole practicing to become a twig anole. There are many different kinds of anoles and they can be grouped by their habitats. Lizards in the twig anole group are slender with short legs, well-suited to moving on thin twigs. Brown anoles are considered trunk-ground anoles, comfortable on tree trunks, walls, fences, etc. and on the ground. This brown anole tried walking on a thin plastic rod (part of a new planter) and while he hung on and didn’t fall, he wasn’t in his element.


Anole displaying his dewlap.


Pair of anoles mating on a tomato pot. She was not happy at all and kept trying to get away–after several attempts she succeeded and ran off.


There’s always a mockingbird outside the window.