A flower bud on our cherry tomato plant. No tomatoes on this plant yet, but we do have buds.


A pair of green anoles mating–the male is the larger, darker anole on the right. (At the moment both anoles are shades of brown, but green anoles can change colors in the green to brown range.)


Another shot of the green anoles. Green anoles are much less common in my yard than brown anoles, so I kept my distance and tried not to disturb them–though the female is looking toward me here. I’d love to see some baby green anoles in a month or so!


Brown anole displaying his dewlap on the fence.


He stayed put for quite awhile, bobbing his head and showing off his dewlap.


And here’s an upside down and backwards view of a dewlap display.


Vine on the fence. These vines seem to grow a foot or two a day, and quickly take over the fence if I don’t keep after them.