This young cardinal was sitting on a wire out front today.


It tried a balancing act, throwing a wing out to keep itself steady as it moved on the wire.


Young cardinal looking at the camera.




A couple of bird people helped me identify this black bird with reddish-orange markings as an Orchard Oriole–the first time I’ve ever seen one of those.


The Swallow-tailed kite was around today, but I missed getting photos as it swooped by. The only image I was able to capture was the moment when a much smaller black bird–maybe a crow or a grackle–chased it away. Not a great photo, but I realized it does at least show the large size of the kite next to the other bird. The kite is flying away from the camera here, and its left side is blocked from view by tree branches. On the right you can see its long right wing, and below the wing is the right half of its forked tail. The white spot above the wing and back is the kite’s head and neck. The kite is a big bird, with a wingspan of about 4 feet!


Airplane flying overhead. Sophie and I sat out in the yard for awhile today at around the time I’ve been catching glimpses of the kite, but of course the kite didn’t show up until we went inside. We did see this nice white airplane.


My sweet Sophie.