Still no kite, but I did see vultures today. A black vulture came along first. Black vultures have a wingspan of about 58 inches, which is smaller than a turkey vulture’s wingspan but still a big bird! Black vultures have light-colored feathers on the tips of their wings, and a gray head that is lighter colored than the body.Vulture20150503_37

Another shot of the black vulture.


A turkey vulture flew by a few minutes later. The turkey vulture is larger, with a 69 inch wingspan, with a red head and with lighter colored feathers on the rear edge of the wings as well as the tips. It also has a longer tail than the black vulture. This turkey vulture was pretty high in the sky so I couldn’t get much detail, but enough to identify it.


A Wood Stork passing through. This one was flying closer than the ones I saw the other day.


While I was photographing birds, I noticed a fluff of fur sticking up from behind a tree branch. When I looked more carefully I saw a dark eye peeking out at me.


It was a squirrel, and it looked like a young one–not very big, but very cute.