Dog photos today, since most of the day was taken up with monitoring Lulu. She’s not supposed to run or jump or otherwise pull at the stitches in her neck. In spite of our efforts she managed to irritate the area and scratched it once before we could stop her. I put a makeshift bandage of soft stretchy knit around her neck and that seemed to help protect the wound. We’ll see how she looks in the morning–we may have to go back to the vet.




Relaxing in the yard.


I can never take a set of photos of Lulu without getting at least one with her eyes closed.


Sophie wanted some attention too, so I took her over to an area where a very golden beam of late afternoon sun was hitting the fence for a photo. She was too excited to pose well–she has a very manic look here.


Sophie lying in the yard, looking a lot calmer.